Lonely United ★ Never Drafting

Solitude Seekers is a Cycling Club for everybody, no matter if you are poor or rich, white or black, green, blue, red or yellow; female or male (or others), straight or homosexual, bright or dense, etc.

But most of it, it is a cycling club for people facing depressions, burnouts, insomnia and all the rest of it. It is a club for people who believe road cycling* is helping them to overcome this period in life.

*but MTB, BMX, folding bikes, and all the rest too

For me personally I prefer to ride on my own, all alone in nature, feeling the power of my body but of the elements too. This is my way to free my mind. I have overcome my burnout and road cycling has helped me a lot.

Ok, I was riding before s**t hits the fan, but I never stopped during dejection. When it all started, riding helped me to run away from the problems. Later it helped me to get my thoughts sorted and to keep my mind free; but always it kept my body moving and forced me to go out into nature.

Therefore I love cycling.
And I would always recommend it to people facing similar situations.



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