My experiences from the dark side

The sun always shines somewhere.

November, 8th

by Norbert Elek ( @norbi )

When the darker days arrive, it is often difficult.
I get up in the morning, everything is in the fog, sometimes it rains.
The whole gloomy, dark mood descends on my mind, and it too gets dark.
I’m falling back.

But a small corner of my brain is already whispering, “go on the road, go on the road.” This repeats the mantra to me.
And I know it will be right: many times the city swims in fog, but I know the sun is shining up there.
I take advantage of today’s technology, quickly looking at images of higher webcams from the mountains.
And I can already see what the mantra contained: the sun is really shining up there, you have to go on the road!

I’m leaving.
It’s a fight day in and day out, somehow mapping out the characteristics of life for me.
And I know I’m braver than the elements.
It solidifies my faith, even if I sometimes sway.
As I make my way up the hill, I can already see where the border of the fog blanket is.

I got up, I still struggled with my weakness, I sucked in the energy, and happiness pervades my body and soul.
I know back, I’ll get into the realm of darkness again, but already with the experience of doing it, and I know where the way out of the darkness is.
Sometimes it’s hard, but we have to fight, we can only win at the cost of a fight.
As it is stated in one of my favorite films, “Fight up, you have to win here!

Fighters. I’m with you.
Always ahead.

One thought on “My experiences from the dark side

  1. Nicolas Ribes

    Many Thks @norbi. Really helpful because is true , the bads and the blacks minds coming back with the bad weather. It’s also working like that with me. You must keeping fighting . We are not trees leaves we can’t fall . Stay stand up and never give Up Bro.. French

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