The main purpose of the Solitude Seekers Cycling Club is to become a platform for cyclists to exchange experiences, how cycling helped them to deal with their mental issues; but to share all other sorts of cycling related topics too, like solitude ride spots, equipment tips for solo rides, etc.

So we don’t have any intention to make money or do business with the SSCC Goodies.


1. The cycling cap and headset cap business and distribution is done by bello cyclist and KAPZ.
SSCC is not involved in selling or distributing the cycling cap and headset cap.

2. Although SSCC is selling the mug and stickers, the retail price for those goods is calculated to cover only the production costs.

1. SSCC Cap

Sold by bello cyclist on their Secret SSCC Product Page
Use password: SSCC2019

Available in sizes S, M, and L
The quality of the cap is outstanding.

2. SSCC Headset Cap

Sold by KAPZ on their Website

Available in three different design options with any colour bolt you want.
The quality of the headset cap is outstanding.

3. SSCC Mug + SSCC Stickers

SSCC Mug + SSCC Sticker set (4 white + 4 black)
Price: 9.50 EUR (+ shipping)

Price: 7.50 EUR (+ shipping)

SSCC Sticker set (4 white + 4 black)
Price: 2.00 EUR (+ shipping)

How to order:

  1. Please select your goodie in the email form below, fill in all the blanks and tap Submit.

  2. We’ll reply with the total costs (including shipping to your address).

  3. You need to have a PayPal account in order to send us the total amount upfront.
    Please use the “Send money to FAMILY AND friendS” option.

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