May 30, 2019

Wilson – The Chatterbox

Vice President

Although Wilson* is on one hand quite a chatterbox, he is on the other hand a great compagmion on some of my solitude rides. We both had the idea of founding the Solitude Seekers Cycling Club, the reason why I mad him Vice President πŸ’€

Well, he can be quite demanding when it comes to my ride performance. Sometimes it gets more annoying than demanding. Anyway, he’s a nice guy and I like him a lot. I’m thinking of giving him his own column here to share my conversations with him with you guys. That could be fun…

Oh, and btw, he’s the admin of this site. Whenever you encounter some problems contact him (not me!), ok?

*I started to call him Wilson referring to – you guessed it – Tom Hanks in Cast Away πŸ™‚