Be a Mindful Cyclist

“I thought of that while riding my bicycle” – Einstein on the Theory of Relativity – Taken from Einstein and the Art of Mindful Cycling by Ben Irvine

Hammer the road! All out!

Let your heart rate hit the anaerobic zone. Feel the energy, feel your strength. Shout out loud if you want to – you are all alone in the woods. Calm down then – still pedaling – let your heart get back to ‘normal’ speed. Feel yourself now, feel how your body works. Focus on your mind, watch your thoughts get slowly sorted. Let the bad things go, keep the good ones only. You are great, you are definitely allowed to love yourself.

In those precious moments for most of us it is not so much on thinking of something like the Theory of Relativity. For us it is more to go back to some normal state, to entirely feel ourselves. Listen to you, your body speaks to you all the time, learn to listen again. Learn to understand your mind, filter the continuous stream of thoughts and only follow the relevant ones. Stop thinking the same thought over and over again. It’s done, you thought it. It is not getting better or giving you other insights if think it again. And again. And again… Stop it. Fight the shadows. This is your time.


That’s a quote from It’s almost impossible to get on your bike in a bad mood and then for it not to melt away as you cycle. A cycle ride can dissipate stress, it makes you feel good, makes you feel virtuous and you fairly much always finish in a better mood and with a clearer head than when you started.

Go out now. Go get your bike and hammer that damned road!


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