Lonely United ★ Never Drafting

May, 31st 2019

Just as the wolf slowly but steadily regains its old habitat, we – the Solitude Seekers – too want to reclaim, step-by-step, our freedom and our lives. We seek the solitude of nature on our racing bikes to free our minds and train our bodies. Not to defeat rivals in competition, but to face the toughest opponent of all: ourselves. We have no choice; we have to do this in order to be, one day, truly free again.


When man and machine are in harmony; our breathing, our heartbeat and the turning of the crank all slowly synchronize, while the cacophony of everyday life gently fades away. The seismic shocks that disrupt our lives reduce and dissipate. Now the time has come to sort out spinning thoughts, develop strategies and defeat shadows. As 8bar tires buzz over tarmac, while the green forest canopy or the digital sky of a virtual training world arches overhead, we feel ourselves entirely, understand ourselves as a system in an even bigger system and become one with ourselves and the world.

Some of the Solitude Seekers have wandered dark valleys; have looked into depths unimagined before, and have gained experiences that are valuable in their own way and that now become an integral part of us. By overcoming the darkness, we feel strengthened and push back into our old lives – but unlike the wolf on soft feet, we move forward on two spinning tires, our hands firmly grasping the handlebars and with wide smiles across our faces.

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Christian Chrome