May 01, 2020

Norbi – cycling, the bike itself, is a bridge between people

I’m Norbert from Hungary.

I have been cycling since 1990. At first I started with mountain biking (I tried myself in all disciplines), then I liked cyclocross, then gravel and road biking, and I still do these.

I am a family father with two children, a photographer as a civilian and a prison security officer. I feel like a healthy, mentally strong person, I hope this is not a problem as it is so good to see a lot of cyclists and what our mental and mental state does not matter since we are a big family I think.

In my opinion, cycling, the bike itself, is a bridge between people.

  • I ride all year, and my bikes is my means of transportation. I braver than the elements at all times, in all weather conditions!
  • I have been cycling since 1990.
  • I raced (1993 was a junior amateur silver medal champion in my country) and I still participate in cycling events to this day.
  • I don’t have a specific goal, so I generally enjoy cycling. There are some local competitions that I’m going to take part in, but I’m not under much pressure.
  • Besides cycling, I take pictures, I’m a father of a family with two children and a full-time security officer in a Hungarian Prison Service.
  • I really like early bird riding: the sun rises as the air slowly warms, the silence, the gradually waking nature, the empty roads.

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/eleknorbert/
Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/10207223