November 28, 2020

Victor – I love any type of cycling

My name is Victor Bolivar born in 1978.

I come from Venezuela but I have been living in the United Kingdom since my early 20s. My passion is cycling and traveling, meeting wonderful people and learning cultural traditions along the way.

I love taking photos of captivating places on my cycling trips. Every ride starts with a strong South American coffee and a good energising breakfast.

I’m a happy married man blessed with a 6 year old son. We love exploring the countryside and going for long walks along the coast during our leisure time.

I have been cycling since I was very young however I have taken it more seriously for the last 10 years. I love any type of cycling although I prefer riding off road on a XC mountain bike or a gravel bike.

I really enjoy being part of a global cycling club to share my passion with others and learn more about the international cycling community.

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