November 19, 2019

I am a Solitude Seeker and I’m stronger now than ever

My name is Craig (VeloLegion).

I am a 33 years old husband and father.

Last year I was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism, facing one’s mortality is never a fun thing especially when your first child is born two months before it happens.

My life changed dramatically after this diagnosis. Overnight everything that I used to be was gone. I became depressed, I was diagnosed with a panic disorder and I would wake up at night crying as my world crashed in around me. I was angry at everything and I could not find a way out. I was told I could never play the sports that I used to play as I have to take blood thinners for the rest of my life. I was told that because of the medication I would have to take I would suffer from fatigue and cramp each and every day and I was told that there was a high possibility that I would never fully recover.

To say I was in a dark place would be a major understatement,

The light at the end of my tunnel was my wife and cycling. She told me that I would get back to being me and she would help me to get there. I had a passion for cycling and a stubborn drive that I wanted to feel like me again.

One year on and I’m happy to say that through cycling and the love of my family I am stronger than ever on a bike, my life is on track and my panic attacks have gone.

I still suffer from fatigue but then who doesn’t, cycling has kept me moving forward, it has given so much more than just my fitness and mental health. It has given me a creative outlet which I didn’t even know I wanted in the form of photography and instagram. It has allowed me to meet many inspiring and truly great people that have all played their part in my recovery.

I ride for my health
I ride for the love of cycling
I ride because they said I wouldn’t be able to
I ride alone but I am forever supported
I am a Solitude Seeker and I’m stronger now than ever

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/velolegion/