June 10, 2020

Steven – Cycling alone allows me concentrate on the present

My name is Steven Legge, I am 34 years old and live in Bangor, Northern Ireland (also known as the golden coast… by me). I’m a Dad to two beautiful girls, a Husband to one lucky Wife and currently work as a Client Relationship Manager for a local web design agency.

Bikes (with and without engines) have always been in my genes – my Grandfather was a very keen motorcycle photographer for 60+ years, my Father used to race motorbikes and my Uncle (who I idolised as a kid) is a super keen cyclist so I grew with bikes from all angles. I was a bit of a late starter actually, not getting off my stablisers until I was 6 years old on my little blue BMX but I soon became obsessed with riding my bike and got into mountain biking from a fairly young age.

I got my first “proper” bike at the age of 14 – a hardtail Kona Fire Mountain (which I still have to this day!) With its 26″ rims, I used to tackle the local trails every weekend and then after school a few times during the week. Being young and fearless, I tackled everything head on until one day I came off pretty bad and was knocked out cold and bent my poor Kona. That set me back a bit and I didn’t ride at all for years.

I had different road bikes over the next few years but family life took over (who knew kids, a wife and a wedding would take up so much of my time!) and at the age of 32 and suffering a lot of stress from work, I got myself a little old Raleigh vintage road bike which reignited my love for bicycles once more. Fast forward to a couple of years later and my little Specialized and I have seen every B-road there is to see on the Ards/North Down coast and although I’m not doing “big” miles, I cycle as much as I can and enjoy every single pedal stroke.

Cycling alone allows me concentrate on the present. Not the past, not the future, not the “what if’s” but the here and now. I first felt guilty as I didnt think about my Wife or kids for those couple of hours I was alone with my bike but it has made me appreciate what I have so much more and given me the extra energy to pump into family and work.

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