September 03, 2020

Steven – Speed isn’t as important neither is distance.

We all have exactly the same amount of time but sometimes its not enough.

Hi my name is Steven, a northern lad from the UK, a husband and a father of two daughters. As an electrical engineer working shifts and being a busy dad finding time to ride my bikes can be a challenge.

I don’t have a reason but recently my perspective regarding cycling has changed, gone are thoughts of getting a certain amount of miles in every week and at a certain average speed, no more squeezing an hour in zone 4 after a 12hr shift. Time on the bike was becoming a chore and my motivation was declining. Everything felt rushed.

Recently things have changed. Riding has been more relaxed, from enjoying a summer sunrise on 5 am commute along the coast to early weekend rides getting back home to make breakfast as the family wakes. Speed isn’t as important neither is distance.

For me the early morning solo ride is an opportunity to gather thoughts, listen to what’s around you and most importantly a chance to get your head up and look around, there is a lot to see up north.

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