March 14, 2021

Peter – Cycling is much more than riding a bike

In my 20ths I started cycling for the first time and after moving to northern Germany that bike just collected dust in the garage.

Out of a sudden in 2011 cycling went back to my agenda and since then it’s really an integral part in my life. Love to spend vacations with the bike: in spring in Mallorca, in summer in the Allgäu, South Tyrol and there are so many other places yet to be discovered.

With CoVid19 hitting us in 2020 I discovered how important cycling is for me: the fresh air, to see how the well known landscape around your home changes with the seasons, the smell, the wind, the sun on your skin and pedaling. One stroke after another … it is repetitive but it brings you further and it helps me to organize my thoughts.

There are days when I barely have the energy to jump on the bike but once I do it, I immediately receive the award: Coming back home with a tired body but a fresh mind!

Cycling is much more than riding a bike its

  • Structure
  • Lifestyle
  • Philosophy
  • Workout
  • Therapy
  • Mental Health

While I really enjoy riding on my own from time to time I’m happy to catch up for a coffee ride as well – CU on the streets!

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