December 18, 2019

Mattia – Mens sana in corpore sano


I am Mattia and I describe myself as an Architect (and) Cyclist, as I live my life as a professional and a passionate athlete. Born in Milano, I still live here after spending one year studying in Germany and another one working in the USA.

It’s not easy to combine work with training when you are on duty from 10am to 7pm (at least) on every business day, but I have managed it by doing Solo Rides overnight. Yes, I love cycling in the darkness after the chaotic traffic stops, and riding across the smooth hills of Brianza, surrounded by silence and peace, delivers me a good balance with myself.

Also putting cycling on top of my priorities instead of working aided me in getting over a career revealed less satisfactory than initially expected. More time for myself (on the saddle), less time dedicate to the Office (on the chair) and a slightly lifestyle change achieved by quitting heavy drinking and late night partying, losing some weight, appreciating early wake-up as the sun arises made me more aware of my body: “mens sana in corpore sano”, ancient Romans used to say.

As I don’t own a car, I daily commute to work by bike and I became a fellow of the train+bike formula in the weekends: starting a ride on Saturday from a point and ending to another one on Sunday without worrying about getting back to the car is priceless! My favourite destinations are in the mountains and being a Climbing-Addicted brought me to discover many passes across the Alps during the 2019 year – still a lot to do, indeed!

I also love photography and I always shoot landscapes, architecture and other cyclists hitting the road in every place and in every season. Still happy of my iPhone 6s portability and picture quality, have a look at my Instagram profile solely dedicated to my “(and) Cyclist” life.

I look forward to becoming a member of SSCC to connect with other passionate riders that share the same values about exploring the World by bike, getting a good life balance by doing Solo or Group cycling, and also taking good photos of the amazing places we cross during our activities!

Thank you!

Insta: http://www.instagram.com/mattia_susani/
Strava: http://www.strava.com/athletes/mattia_susani