November 17, 2019

Jose – exceeding my limits

Hola Solitude Seekers!

I am Jose Gabriel Guillén (lOsvIAjEsdEgArbAnzO). I was born in southern Spain in July 1977. I love outdoor sports, being in touch with nature and finding and exceeding my limits. I have practiced all kinds of sports and competed in many, but the ones I like the most are cycling, running, swimming and fitness. At this moment I challenge my limits in ultra-distance races on mtb. They all help me overcome my back problems. But above all I like most is to be with my family and reconcile it with the sport.

Proud father of Jose (6 years old) and Dani (2 years old), Ana’s happy husband. We love to go jogging and cycling, the beach and the mountains. In summer we travel by van, caravan and especially by bike. Be that as it may, our bikes always accompany us.

The origin of my history with cycling is lost in time. I do not know at what time I started riding a bike, what I do know is that in every memory always, always, always appears a bike … In my childhood, adolescence, adult stage, bikes always appear. I currently have 5 !!! I met my wife by bike. I still remember when I walked her on the handlebars through “La Plaza de Las Flores”…

Almeria is a wonderful land whose benevolent climate allows cycling throughout the year. In addition, its orography, has beaches, mountains, to the only desert in Europe, all at two strokes, makes it an ideal place to practice these sports …

Cycling is for me a way of life. Practicing it I enjoy, disconnect, I know new places and people, but above all I find myself. On each route I stop, taking pictures, talking with people, researching new roads and trails … in short, cycling and sport provide me with peace, balance, as well as new challenges and the possibility of knowing and exceeding my limits …

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/losviajesdegarbanzo/
Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/39265480
Private blog: http://www.losviajesdegarbanzo.blogspot.com
Owayo Ambassador Spain 2019