September 01, 2020

Jeff – I’m so thankful for a hobby I actually love

Hi, cycling has become a huge part of my life. I’ve been a yoyo dieter from about the age of 15 to 36!
My weight peaked at 18 stone 6 at 20 years old and from that point I’ve somewhat managed to maintain a reasonable weight but always edged to the dark side again.

It’s only since finding cycling 2 years ago now that I’ve taken complete control of my mind and body. I’m so thankful for a hobby I actually love, which keeps me in tip top condition too.

Originally a Geordie, I moved down to Yorkshire when I met my partner of 15 years now. We have two children together and I’m working on getting them both involved with cycling too.

Yorkshire is a paradise for cyclists like me. Rolling terrain, beautiful scenery, iconic climbs, it has everything and I really feel spoilt for choice. Getting out on my own and taking in all that greatness clears my mind and separates me from the sometimes madness of the real world.

It’s a pleasure being a member of Solitude Seekers CC, so many like minded people who really cherish that incredible invention (The bicycle).


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