July 30, 2020

@franz – This machine is a freedom machine.

Thanks for having me. I am truly glad I have found this group of people.

45 years old with a recent burnout. Father of a soon adult son. Built up myself a bike (3 + 1 and counting :), and now riding the hell out of it. Building and riding have saved and keep saving my ass and what remained of my sanity since burning out. I still find it mind-blowing what kind of distances you can go on a bicycle just using your own muscles… ultimate freedom.

I just like to ride – alone, at my own pace, making my own decisions; or with my partner, or a friend. Just ride, and go far.

Far over fast, flow over speed, steel over carbon. But that’s just me. You can like different things and that’s totally ok.

https://www.instagram.com/cantkillthefunk72/ on Instagram, https://www.strava.com/athletes/30733449 on Strava, and https://www.komoot.de/user/608530611881 on Komoot.

If you happen to be in the Berlin area and feel like making an exception to going solo, just hit me up.