August 15, 2020

Derek – Cycling is my Fortress of Solitude

Hi everyone.

Superman had a Fortress of Solitude, a place to stop, think, take stock, grow stronger then take on the world again. That’s cycling for me. It’s a chance to escape for a short time and feel the sun on your face (sometimes), breathe in fresh air and enjoy the world around you. It’s a way to connect to the outside by actually being outside, rather than looking at it through a glass window.

Until this year I hadn’t been in the saddle for four years and had it not been for ‘lockdown’ the bike may still have been gathering dust. I’ve cycled in many places around the world, including Peru, Vietnam, Cambodia, Australia, and the US, but seeing the green fields, rolling hills and heather-clad glens around home can bring the most joy at times.

I have two children, one of whom is starting to take an interest in cycling too and this is great. Hopefully it’s the start of a new lifelong love.

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