January 14, 2019

Matthias – I need cycling for my brain to rest

This is Matthias

I am a communicative strong, business, client and service orientated person and work in my own Italian Delicatessen shop.
I started cycling in may 2019 after my partner suggested it, since he’s been cycling for more than 10 years.
Being of Germand/English decent and living in The Netherlands (where cycling is top), I consider myself European.

Since my early twenties have I been diagnosed with a health syndrome, quiet and lonesome times I need to keep focus and get that when I am on the bike.

My professional experience is broad and diverse, working years within the catering and hospitality industry. The passion lies in the service and high quality produce, that is what I think also makes me get the best affordable stuff for cycling.

You see, I need that ride, in summer daily and in winter, when time and weather allows it. Yeah I know we ride in all weathers.. and sometimes in the dark, but due to solitudseekers.cc we are not really in the dark.

Cycling gives me that time to focus and also let go of the day going home.. I mostly ride alone, not that I don’t like to ride with others, but I. An turn where and when I want. No given path to follow, just my own.
I like riding with my gay husband who also rides, but we mostly only do that on holidays.

Now I need cycling for my brain to rest and be with nature. (after starting to canoe and hunting looking form some rest) I stopped both.

My other “hobbies” are Italian food and our dogs.

One favourite quote:

“When man resolved to imitate walking, he invented the wheel, which does not look like a leg. In doing this, he was practicing surrealism without knowing it.”
― Guillaume Apollinaire

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/cycling.matt/
Strava: https://www.strava.com/athletes/41964108