November 13, 2019

Bas – Be positive

My name is Bas, I am an 32 year old dad of two girls and husband to my great wife.

8 Years ago I got diagnosed with PTSD, which came with depression and anxiety. I lost a lot during this period. I tried different things to face my mental illness but not all had the effect I hoped for. Yet there were two things that kept me going. The conversations I had with my wife and cycling. Cycling was in my life before the PTSD. But during this period, cycling became something more than a sport. It became the thing that got me outside when I was home alone and afraid of meeting people and the anxiety that came with it. Cycling to me was anonymous. I could go outside, wearing my sunglasses, helmet and go fast enough so no one would recognize me. It felt liberating and free. It helped me cope with the things happened.

Today I am proud of the things I have achieved since then. I am doing better than ever. Still I have periods I really need the cycling to get my thoughts back on track. And always will have these periods, but I can cope with it. And that to me is something I couldn’t imagine during the period of my PTSD.

Be positive

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