January 05, 2020

Jochen – Always looking for a rainbow-farting unicorn @at_the_end_of_every_road 😉

My name is Jochen, 41 years old, hubby of one and dad of two.

I’ve been a passionate skateboarder for decades. But with increasing age the number of injuries increased as well – especially in winter – and I had to look for another sport. After years of searching and thinking I found these so called gravel bikes – and fell in love immediately.

Currently I’m spending as much time as possible seated in the saddle, riding off-road and dreaming of bikepacking trips around the world, while knowing that I have a job to do and a family that I love above all things. Nevertheless I try to leave a backdoor open for my dreams – for the time when I grow up 😉

Solitude is one of the things I’m seeking for while pedaling. And I also love the beauty of nature, different cultures and the connection to my inner self and other cyclists, that I experience on my bike.

Cycling is my meditation. And I can’t get enough of it.

Happy pedaling, folks!

Insta: http://instagram.com/at_the_end_of_every_road