August 26, 2020

Astrid – upcycling me

Hi, it’s me Astrid.

My bicycle is upcycling me. I believe it’s making me a newer, healthier person. Pushing myself and continue working in a crowded open office with loud voices and noises caused PTSD with hyperacusis as collateral damage.
My concentration is terrible, I’m having bad dreams about collegues for months, don’t enjoy the things I used to and can’t bear loud noises.

But what I can do – is cycle! Bought a Trek last july and I’m seriously addicted. Named him Spock and I’m going to take up photography just to take pictures of my bicycle. I’m rediscovering my provence Fryslân in the north of the Netherlands. A feast for my eyes and mind. Pedaling for a happy amygdala really.

I’ve tried riding with others….it’s nice every once in a while. But I really want my happy solitude. And…trees and the sound of my wheels are never too loud for me.

I’m so happy that I discovered Solitude Seekers CC!

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