February 01, 2020

Piero – The secret of getting ahead is getting started

Hi, My name is Piero, I’m 37 years old and I come from Italy.

I took up cycling 6 years ago. I started with mountain bike with a group of friends just for fun.
I live near mountains so it was immediately great!
In 2015 I was in Germany for work, I had a lot of free time and I was alone so I decided to challenge myself with road bike.
It was love at first sight! In five months I made fast 6.000 km…
Since then my bike is my best friend and I search to ride as much as I can (mornings, evenings, nights, summer, winter, always…).
Cycling means a lot for me, above all freedom, but it’s also the perfect way to stay with myself and visit wonderful places.
I love the solitude of pedaling and challenging myself with new limits and goals.

I feel honored to be welcomed into this community

Insta: https://www.instagram.com/ildorsaledelciclista/